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  • EPA Hits Nuclear Power With Kryptonite
    This new proposed emissions rule (actually a redo of parts of 40CFR190 that may result in a rulemaking) is for nuclear power plants . It turns out that a never-discussed radionuclide is at the center of these new rules. Krypton-85. It’s never discussed because it’s never been considered a hazard.
  • Will Oyster Creek close in 2019?
    Oyster Creek reactor owner Exelon is seeking an extension of a deadline for improved emergency vents in its containment building, contending the multimillion dollar project would be completed only one year before the now 45-year-old power plant is scheduled to shut down.
  • Czech Nuclear reactor decisions will come next year
    The government will decide on a possible state support to the construction of new nuclear reactors on the basis of an analysis next year, after it discusses a new state energy strategy and a nuclear energy development plan, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said.
  • Robot wields mop in Fukushima nuclear plant cleanup
    Operator Tokyo Electric Power has modified a demolition robot and put it to work decontaminating the interior of the Unit 2 reactor building at the plant, which was crippled in the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011.
  • Callaway Makes $145 Million Improvement
    Ameren Missouri's nuclear power plant in Callaway County will be installing a crucial new piece equipment. The plant just finished moving a nuclear reactor vessel head into its facility, something it needed to continue running.
  • DoE uranium transfers in question
    The US Government Accountability Office has questioned the legality of four transactions involving the Department of Energy and US uranium enrichment company USEC.
  • South Africa regards Rosatom as most likely contractor to build NPP
    President Jacob Zuma declared that South Africa was planning to build new nuclear reactors with an overall capacity of 9.6 GW. South African experts have visited China, which is one of Russia's main rivals, France and South Korea.
  • SONGS fuel to remain on site for years
    Even after the twin domes along I-5 are gone and the San Onofre nuclear plant is mostly a memory, fuel rods hot with radioactivity will remain behind in rows of tomb-like casks – perhaps for decades.
  • Fourth Yangjiang unit gets its dome
    The dome has been installed on the containment building of unit 4 at the Yangjiang nuclear power plant in China's Guangdong province. The milestone marks the end of major civil engineering works at the unit.
  • 25 years on at America's most contaminated nuclear waste site
    Hanford, Washington, has long been the most contaminated nuclear waste site in the US. But critics say poor management has put the site in further danger.

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