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Dynamac Corporation   1901 Research Blvd., Suite 220, Rockville MD, 20850 301.417.9800   

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Sep 30  Oct 22  Radiological Control Technician 



Radiological Control Technician
Job ID: 2010-1137

This position will provide advanced technical services to support Radiological Control tasks ordered under Dynamac's Master Task Agreement (MTA) with Lawrence Livermore National Security (LLNS), LLC.

Essential duties include:
(1) provide technical support in radiation protection, to assist scientists, project personnel and other technical personnel in evaluating and providing technical guidance in the safe performance of facility and experimental operations consistent with a commitment to safe and health work environment;
(2) perform advanced radiological surveys and measurements to ensure adequate radiological safety for works and the environment (maintain appropriate radiological postings);
(3) operate, maintain, and calibrate sophisticated radiological detection and sampling equipment;
(4) handle, package, and transport radioactive contaminated materials;
(5) obtain, interpret, and take measurements of, and analyze data from advanced equipment, systems, or operations to determine safety compliance with an established design or a standard procedure;
(6) initiate appropriate corrective action(s);
(7) monitor and assist radiation workers in safe radiological practices;
(8) perform advanced radiological tests and sample analysis with experimental operations;
(9) respond to emergencies or off-normal events;
(10) keep the site RSO/DRSO informed of changes in radiological conditions or systems through regular communication;
(11) assist in the writing and preparation of safety policies and procedures including safety controls, RWPs, IWSs and safety routine requirements;
(12) perform preventative maintenance and repairs on complex equipment, including radiological monitoring equipment; and
(13) conduct field training and training evaluations in support of worker qualifications. Currently, the duration of this position is six-months; however, there is a possibility that the duration will be extended.

Candidates should be previously qualifed as Department of Energy (DOE) Radiological Control Technicians in accordance with DOE Handbook 1122.99 or through commercial standards as a "Senior Technician" in accordance with American Nuclear Society ANS 3.1.

Candidates also must have commensurate experience to execute the prescribed responsibilites and be capable of completing a Core Academics examination for Radioloical Control Technicians within one-week of reporting for duty. Training on core material will not be provided; however, examination materials and evaluation will be provided. On-the-job (OJT) training will be provided on the proper use of radiological instrumentation expected to be used in the performance of required duties and employees will be required to complete an OJT examination on each instrument or type of instrument prior to official use.

Current DOE RCT certification is preferred. Prior experience at DOE facilities is desired as is experience working with tritium (gaseous, vapor, and particulate) and tranuranic contamination.

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